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HAMORAON / wealth


In this era of digital technology in the lives of the all-powerful today, a trend that intrigued many people are chasing success story of life in career, life and business as high. Being successful in a career, life and business has become the main destination many people, regardless of the paradigm of success for him. Most people – whatever race, position, position, and its religion-putting measure success by the size of his mastery of the material or property.

‘Wealth’ is actually pose a “risk”, and many people fail and problematic because of the wealth. For example:

a. Wealth can cause various diseases, as busy collecting wealth a person does not pay attention to his health, lack of exercise, excessive eating, irregular eating patterns, busy securing the “wealth” and lost track of time because our bodies are not machines … machines just need a break.

b. Wealth can cause cracks in the household, for those who are never satisfied and always feel under no less than those who experience domestic rift. Not paying attention to the psychological spouses and their children. Consequently because of the lonely pair spent time in vain even possible because it takes attention and buth living bating infidelity occurs, be grateful if our spouse to fill their loneliness by looking busy with positive things. What’s worse possible children, the loss of attention and affection from their parents (especially if both parents are busy pursuing wealth) they could be thrown in free pergaualan; casual sex, drugs and squandered the money his parents sought. For my husband, because all can be obtained easily the warmth of love is only measured through it alone, is like eat snacks of entertainment and fun in a hotel that has provided everything for them.

C. Wealth can cause dissatisfaction and always felt lacking, such as many officials involved corruption cases today, can also develop the disease diatakan Geransang (greedy), the felony corruption because it is never satisfied with what they have, is never satisfied with all facilities that have been granted, always wanted to see more than others, hedonistic lifestyle that haunt his mind, dragging kejurang lowly, than to be respectable people lost their possessions due honor also involved in corruption cases.

This is a problematic, so antusianya man looking kekekayaan material, so that they no longer remember what the meaning of life and true wealth. Because enthusiast who forget themselves or excessive in the pursuit of wealth by not considering the legal norms and tend to twist the law. The trend like this is wrong and should be straightened again.

Christianity rejected acquired wealth in a way that is not kosher. Law to-8 DO NOT STEAL!. Wealth is not just talking PURPOSE but HOW to become rich. The correct way to make true purpose. The wrong way to make goals so wrong.

Proverbs 16:16
“Getting wisdom is far beyond obtaining the gold, and get a sense far more precious than silver gets.”

Wealth in the hands of the wicked will likely be used to commit a crime. By contrast, in the hands of good people, the wealth will be used to do good as well. Every aspect of our lives not escape the outpouring of His blessings. In other words, God does not want us to live deprived. But in reality many people are supposed to live in the abundance of God’s blessing was still afflicted. Why? Because they are blessed but do not know how to use those blessings wisely. That is why the Bible says “love of money the root of all evil” (I Timothy 6:10). Everything we do in life should be led by wisdom, until we can make a calculation and can finally move wisely. So it is about how to manage our money. Setting money without wise consideration would only lead to trouble ourselves in the end.

The impact of the pursuit of wealth is mostly rich people after getting closer to God, but most are just being away. Many people who fall into sin because entangled property: fraud, corruption, murder and other crimes. Property, which includes money, material and intellectual, is not really anything wrong / evil.

It is natural and legitimate if we want to live prosperous and fulfilling. God also promised abundant life to believers (John 10:10, Ps 23:5-6, II Corinthians 9:8). But the wise counsel that we do good and love not because there pamrihnya.

Humans need the money because it can be used a wide range of needs of life but money can not get everything, money is just a means to achieve something to be desired, but if one uses the money it will damage and destroy life. If the property becomes the main goal in life can be a snare that plunges us into sin. Therefore counsel Lord (Psalm 62:11), “let your heart attached to the property.” For if our heart is attached to the property, it is our love for the Lord will turn to treasure. Bible reject wealth as an end (ultimate goal) in life. Even the Bible makes money as a tool to test the fidelity of faith. Whoever can be trusted about money, reliability is also a matter of faith. (Luke 16:10).

Christian understanding of wealth (earned in correctly) as a blessing of God as well as temptation. Wealth is not automatic as a blessing. Just as there is also a wealth of poverty behind the temptations and risks. (Proverbs 30:1-7)

Our criticism to the “theology of prosperity” is because it makes wealth as the only sign of God’s blessing or primary evidence. That means: all the rich people are automatically blessed by God. (Although rich for stealing, corruption and collusion) Instead of all the poor must not be blessed by God (although poor as honest, fair and true). And God bless it fair, just and true.

If Christians do not know the purpose of his life meant they did not have a target to achieve. The goal is simply to make money, enjoy life quite satisfactory until the moment you die. After that you are dead and buried, and nothing else! Perhaps only one thing he knows for sure is that life will someday end up in the grave. More than that, there is no clear direction! At least your tombstone would look a little more luxurious than your neighbor’s tombstone. And maybe later coffin you could have more than just wood bronze decoration only.


God loves us. There are many among us who received according to the needs that we need so that we can avoid the things or acts that are not acceptable. Every drop of sweat that poured our body is a sign of health grace given by him, remember the ‘HEALTH’ is ‘Wealth’ is priceless. If our lives complaining, we are less grateful for favors given by him. And we can live as self-sufficient as it is also due to His will. God does love us through it gives will be unique, as will we obey Him if we can be free from worldly desires and to avoid actions that might destroy ourselves or our families.

Many people seem to go through life without direction. Imagine if a sailing ship will sail without knowing where. Each ship will depart certainly bring a compass to ensure that he is being led into the harbor, a place or a particular country, and it will be equipped with a map indicating the lane way.

Hope God to us as a Christian man among men, is not to teach his followers to seek treasure or seek as much power as high. He came to serve those in need and marginalized. Without the spirit of serving, there would be no means of wealth and power in his eyes. Thus, our existence is to SERVE and accept the people around us.

Size rich by God is not like the flesh, God did not forbid wealth. God taught her children to seek first the kinds of wealth that can be brought into the lives of the children who fear the Lord. Its size is:

Matthew 6:19-20

6:19 “Do not store up treasure on earth, in the earth moths and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
6:20 But for yourselves treasures in heaven in heaven moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

God does not teach us to pursue worldly wealth. God will bless our needs according to His riches in glory. Wealth is a blessing of God alone:

Philippians. 4:19
My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Proverbs 10:22
Thanks to God that makes rich, painstakingly will not add to it.

If we have wealth, we have to ask for the power to be able to enjoy it. There are people who are given gifts by God but can not enjoy it. Ask the Lord so that we can control myself to enjoy the blessings.

Ecclesiastes 6:2 – God’s people are blessed with wealth, possessions and honor, so that he does not lack is nothing he wants, but he was not granted the power by God to enjoy it, but other people who enjoy it! This is the futility and bitter suffering.

If we are allowed to have wealth, we must realize that everything is due to God’s grace alone. Because for the people of God, the treasures of the world, regardless of its form, is not the ultimate goal of life.

So wealth is a trivial matter for the Lord, our God Allah rich, then as a child, let us know and understand what God wants. Thanks is not always a matter, Wisdom is a blessing more than wealth.

Ecclesiastes 7:

11 Wisdom is good with an inheritance, an advantage to those who see the sun.
12 For wisdom is like the protection of money. And the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him.

Deuteronomy 8:17-So do not say in your heart, my power and the strength of my hands made me this wealth.

Words of Wisdom

If today you pray to God, do not just ask for blessing him. Ask God for wisdom to manage these blessings. People who know managing blessing is distancing himself from the snare of hardship.


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