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The hasangapon, it was difficult finding a corresponding said in Bahasa Indonesian. Literally, can be interpreted as commendable, or models, honorable, almost flawless. A person is considered to be private perfect, humans are a high status in life, and no ridicule from others. When a certain degree he also has hamoraon (wealth) and has hagabeon (keturunan. therefore, very difficult indeed to say someone has reached hasangapon today.

If hasangapon parameters hasangapon understanding like that then we can interpret as true success TRUE SUCCESS.
What is success? Have you and I succeed? Apakak success is measured by the material?

What is the real meaning of success. Term success, or success (UK) which is derived from the succes (Old France) or successus (Latin) from the base succedere, means work (to succeed) or achieve a result attempts (result), or successfully carrying out an activity (event) . Definition of success based on the description above, explains the existence of an achievement or produce something, or achieving the desired / desirable (a favorable), or a satisfactory outcome (a satisfactory outcome); includes acquiring wealth, fame, position, etc..
In Chinese philosophy parameter of success is: Learn to get to China-What’s chinese people say about success? – “You neng shi qian tui mo gau”-With the money, can you tell ghost push the rock
The Chinese believe that money is the most common parameters of success in the community because of feelings and other qualitative too difficult to measure, so that money can buy comfort, do charity, and kindness of others
“Ren ming hu si si liu liu pi”-Man Dead leave your name, tiger dies leaving the skin
Success can dilhat of “memories”, how many people remember you when your time on earth is up. Good memories
course. That is why many people are choosing China as an entrepreneur, as a profession can make a lot of money which can also provide wonderful memories for many people if a businessman who is honest and unpretentious.
Everyone has a different definition of the meaning of success. A doctor would say successful if successfully cure patients. Another for a teacher, he would feel successful if students have made him transferkan absorb knowledge. While marketers would say successful if its products are managed by the market. “When the mind thinks of success, the outside world mirrors these thoughts” Remez Sasson. So that if the definition of success has meant millions and millions and millions of people because each has different definitions based on their size, for example: Measuring success housekeeper, OB (office boy), thief, robber, director, treasurer, skretaris, pastors, presbyters and so on. In other words, there is SUCCESS in humans, how humans see every event of his life is FAIL-SUCCESS, SIAL-LUCKY. So the success is going to come and go according to circumstances.
Success is a choice, every man is free to define SUCCESS as what he wanted, and he was trying to grab it. Hence, SUCCESS will be different in each individual. So if you are looking for success, ask yourself, what exactly you are looking for? … Kekayaankah, kebahagiankah, hidupkah serenity, success, career, status, home life, or what?

Glimpse of the epitome of the firm explanation mario Golden Ways of Success:

Success does not necessarily mean get a trophy or a compliment, even though there’s nothing wrong if we get both. It’s just that this is not the criterion of success itself. Therefore not uncommon for people then it is difficult to find success-kesukses an ever achieved.

In simple success is how we get out of our comfort zone and try to be better than ever. With this definition you will see so much success that you can see yourself. If yesterday you can only help one person, today you can help two and tomorrow you can help even more, then you are successful. With a positive feeling about the success you’ve achieved, then you will feel more successful and more confident with the ideals, vision and mission of your life.

I strongly disagree with the phrase, “Let us now difficult, as long as we’ll be successful.” This is definitely baseball ever going to succeed. I asked, where the steps? Not to achieve success must begin with little success and were?. There is a saying, “Success breeds success going the other.” Well from this adage can be taken a lesson, if we are the easier it is to see the success of our small things, it is easy for us to collect, accumulate and stepped achieve success greater.


Success, in Christian circles addressed diverse. There are ambiguous, there is a firm refuses to use it. For example, sometimes, anyone who uses the term success in the Christian community, could be considered to have become worldly, or, specifically labeled as adherents of “theology of prosperity.”

The term is considered synonymous with achieving success (achievement), fortune (luck), fulfillment (consumation), prosperity (prosperity) and victory (victory). Summarizing all these explanations, it can be said that success means “managed to achieve something that is planned at the end, which brings satisfaction and fulfillment in life.”

True Success is achievement of the best way of life because of applying the standards of God in accordance with His purpose for us. People who take life way, the Bible says, will “be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither, and everything he does will succeed.”-Psalm 1:3 .


It is necessary to realize that as a medium of communication (language), the term success is in the public domain, because it is used by everyone. But on the other hand, Christians talk about “the future with hope” (Jeremiah 29:11); “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10), and “God ….. made us successful! “(Nehemiah 2:20 a), which is the truth of God’s Word that explores the substance and reality of something that is” beyond success “(more than just a success) was received without objection in Christian circles.

In alkiabiah, success is not an antique. Success is “the promise and grace of God” that really should interpret and addressed wisely, for refusing success naively, that means harassing the LORD God had promised to bless (See: Nehemiah 2:2). “Success is the fulfillment of life in a progressive opinion, which is the result of the work planned – responsible for generating, bringing pleasure, satisfaction, self-sufficiency and blessing and can share with others. Here, success means achievement, fulfillment in life, adequacy, efficacy, above, was promoted, and so on, but will not be beaten by all of the mean. That is, for Christians, success is a gift of God which is in welcome and charged with full responsibility and hard work, so there is no reason to boast.

Seeing all of that, it can be said that the success was a garbage man or a scavenger who do their job honestly, faithfully, diligently, true, good, great, earnest, proud and satisfied, so he “achieved what he wanted” to enjoy it, enjoy it , blessed him, tercukupkan through it – full of life, worthy, share, can provide clothing, food and shelter for their wives and children, to educate them (the school does not want any school) to the more tinggkat which causes them to live life future with pride. The problem is, “garbage is rarely found” because they will always feel no means small, not satisfied, not pleased with his work, so the result is a potluck. On the other hand, it is easy for most people to say that “Workers Bank, or the Merchant, Professor and the Executive was a success” than a garbage man, but do they realize that they are successful? They are not necessarily aware that they are successful, because most people “are not satisfied with what is practiced,” so they are roughing it, mentally porters were waiting for the end of the month, and do not experience the fullness of life.

Word to the wise

You should be aware that the life of the world is always moving with the flow of change, and any success happen upon a cause. Your time is limited, and while there is a chance to use. -Martha Belawati


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