Cultivate work ethic within the organization GPIB

Cultivate work ethic within the organization GPIB

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The ethos derived from the Greek ethos of the character, way of life, one’s habits, motivation or purpose of one’s moral as well as their world view, the picture, or how to act in the most comprehensive idea about the order. In other words, the ethos is evaluative aspects as fundamental attitude toward themselves and their world reflected in her life (Khasanah, 2004:8).

According to Usman Pelly (1992:12), the work ethic is the attitude that appears on its own volition and consciousness based on the system of cultural value orientation toward work. Can be seen from the statement in advance that has the work ethic of basic cultural values, which of the cultural values ​​that form the work ethic of each person.

According to Toto Tasmara, (2002) work ethic is the totality of the personality as well as how to express themselves, perceive, believe and give meaning to something, which prompted him to act and achieve optimal charity so that the relationship between man and himself and between humans and other creatures can are good. Work ethic associated with some important things such as:
a. Orientation to the future
b. Appreciate the time
c. Responsibility
d. Frugal and simple
e. Creativity

In an organizational ethos is very important to note. If this does not work well then the organization would be “sick”, the climate there is a reflection of the leadership style of fantasy. More specifically: it turns out the nature and disposition of “neurotic” top executive of an organization that will color the organizational culture. Often traits of “neurotic” can down the members. Unhealthy atmosphere or climate created by top executives in the organization was able to lead the organization faltered. Unhealthy climate that is usually caused by a status of “emotional leadership” is not stable, so that wreak havoc on strategy, structure, climate and managerial organization. In such circumstances, it can be said the organization is experiencing neurotic disorder, “psychiatric disorders.”

Culture is an awareness of work ethics and attitudes that underlie, motivate, provide direction, and give meaning to the whole organizational behavior in synergy with the vision and mission of the organization. “Work ethic Very Determined By policy, wisdom, Systems, And Value Confidence The Embraced Organization.”

Cultivate the ethos of the organization GPIB

Work ethic is the morale and confidence characterizes a person or a group. Every believer must possess passionate in the work, longs to keep learning, discipline, and creativity in the areas entrusted to God, whether in ministry, business, work, and study. The believer must continue to learn to work in accordance with the principles of the Bible.

One important measure to assess the work of a person, group, is his work ethic. As Christians we do our best because Christ has given its best, the gift of salvation. That’s the Christian work ethic and that is the meaning of “salvation”

GPIB requires high flexibility with a trusted organizational culture (high trust). The goal is to build capabilities that give a feeling of trust to each of the stakeholders, the culture of the organization running the work ethic measured in a system, procedures, policies, and integrity that is able continuously to meet the expectations of its stakeholders. Therefore, the organizational culture must be translated into a berkapabilitas work ethic and integrity. Where, quality work ethic has to be derived from the collective consciousness of the organization, with comprehensive support from any church leaders and the presbyters to jointly explore all of the best potential for producing quality performance.

Berkapabilitas work ethic must be obtained and is influenced by the character of the work through the GPIB organization’s vision, mission, ethics, and ways of thinking and acting that quality of leadership, and its members. The character of an organization should always be enriched with new values, so that the work ethic has always could be more dynamic and creative in responding to new challenges in all places and times.

GPIB should have a disciplined work ethic, focus of every human resources to cultivate new ways of working that are effective, creative, synergic, productive, and ethical, in the spirit and responsibility to provide a quality service to stakeholders. Therefore, since the beginning of GPIB beraras sinodal leadership in understanding the faith must be ABLE to build a sense of responsibility in the form of high integrity.

The concept of a work ethic GPIB organization

GPIB in the work ethic is definitely maintain and empower the Christian faith and rise ity, as GPIB church organizations have a target to reach:

Must have a concept of knowledge-based work ethic (not just theological knowledge only) and the concept of “talented professionals” that requires education to a higher level and TRAINING The quality and ensure performativitasi, Learning capacity as the actualization of the “imago Dei”. GPIB role is to improve the status of quality improvement to achieving transformative capacity as an institution demonstrates The “Kingdom of God”.

Thus, the GPIB was designed as a development process in order to manifest the presence of Christ in the external environment in a sustainable manner. GPIB is not just a collection of prayers, sing and hear the sermon of the priest, even just running the program. GPIB is a “breath” life of faith in the existence of a church which Christ is the head, how to portray the spiritual values ​​to synchronize and integrate perception and action. So, give a unique color to the work ethic of an organization organizational behavior quality of our church for us.

GPIB as a church organization with a social call sin exactly what happened, both in the cedar sinodal, or churches. Thus, insights into the work ethic itself is mainly to be renovated again. The issue is very complex: not just a matter of survival and professionalism kepejabatan financially, and spiritually kompromistik attitude, even existence itself, there is a central issue, namely the capacity to fulfill our prophetic vocation to witness and serve inside and outside.

To enable the new commitment, required the study of how and how perfect GPIB has given his response to the call (prophetic) is.

The analysis should begin with digresi-digresi from the truth, and is based on the belief that:

(1) GPIB has also been a contributor to the existing digresi;

(2) there should be humility not arrogance highlight;

(3) all renewal must begin from the perspective of the kingdom of God (fatherly mind)-not a mere institutional interests. Hopefully starting point so can be rebuilt also GPIB perception of skills and professions are aware that:

(A) The “fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge”-not only knowledge rationalistic;

(B) “obedience to God” is understood as “true freedom” in contrast with “individual self-determinism”;

(C) fruit is accepted as the “abundant life” in contrast to “personal success”.

So, GPIB need to develop more common theological framework to realize the Christian presence in the environment-in essence as the foundation of a new life (a new heaven and a new earth) are substantial.

However, despite the work ethic is the primary component, it turns out it does not always bring success if significant organizational knowledge and skills are not developed in proportion because of lack of qualified human resources capable of producing a standartnya keep moving higher.

GPIB ought to be present and futurity a totality, meaning GPIB to play the character kontenporer understanding of the faith grounded and futuristic. GPIB ought to be empowered to perform their duties honestly, be positive and constructive.

By: Martha Belawati


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