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Quality leaders

The quality of leadership within an organization should be strengthened with the understanding of the meaning and nature of leadership, this is very important for a leader. Because consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, leadership practiced a leader to be colored by internal understanding of the meaning of leadership itself. If the quality of a leader does not understand the meaning and essence of leadership, it will be the same as the Lord Jesus said, “the blind leading the blind”.

If the meaning of secular leadership dihayatinya, so even if he is known as a “Christian leader” but the actual practice of leadership is not a “Christian leadership.” On the contrary, if he is to live and apply leadership “Christian” – Bible-based perspective of leadership is worth mentioning that the new leadership “Spiritual”

requirements of Christian leaders strongly emphasizes character and social aspects. There are twenty criteria listed in 1 Timothy. 3:1-13 and Titus. 1:5-9, eighteen related to one’s reputation, ethics, morality, temperament, habits, and psychological and spiritual maturity.

What we must underline Christian organizations, especially church organizations DIFFERENT “worldly”. The emergence of church organization is not only due to the desire a few people who want to shape it because they have a common goal. I believe that the presence of the church organization was due to the intervention and the role of God in it. though it is undeniable role management tool to help its development, but the existence and development is not solely because of the sheer management it should dominate the work of the Spirit of God and the church organization is not limited to the pastor. Often we as pastors became the inhibitors.

There are two principal differences between the churches and organizations. First, in terms of nature. The essence of the church is an organism not an organization. There are three parties present in the church: Christ, the congregation, and leaders. Due to the nature of the church as an organism, each member must have a personal relationship with Christ as the head of the church, and naturally each member have fellowship with one another. Second, the main target. Church put people more than things, work, or outcome. Therefore the main purpose of the church is the maturity of the body in relationship with God and between people in it. While the primary purpose of the organization is to carry out tasks and achieve productive effort, so they can just ignore the interests of the individual in the organization is important because it can reach its target.
The implications of these principles is the Bible, the church (the community of God’s people) as an organism, it is limited to use of the system of organization and management to carry out its function as the people of God. But the church must still retain the properties “keorganismeannya” that prioritizes human, interpersonal relationships, and reliance on Christ as the head.

GPIB as the organization of the church in addition to understand the meaning and essence of leadership GPIB must also understand the fundamental HUMANITARIAN SYSTEM which in turn can provide insight / differences in the organization of the church.

“I was one of them and you. I’m just an integral part of them and you. My life is a part of them and you. What is there to me is a boon for them and you. I am They and you are the church ”

Man is a system: which means a physical form surrounded by the environment (surrounding). That limits the system to the environment is limiting (boundary).

Is it human? According to the Bible, man is a spirit, body and soul. Is it the soul? Body + Soul = Breath. Man is the special creation of God. Man was created in the image of the Lord who had the same essence of the Spirit. Meaning is a human likeness has besumber spirit of God. So that humans can emit spiritual nature of God is spiritual fruit, love, patience, joy and so on. Man who rely on God, then the properties of the spirit (spiritual) will affect the desire “spirit and flesh.”

The system has a spiritual man who will have the power to prevent the immune sinful desires when a human-spiritual interaction with the environment. When a penetrating boundary (boundary) system and enter the environment nature nature spirits that appear as manusiannya. Because people are allied with God has “online system” so that God always helps them in many things in life. Spirit of God in the human heart, then they will be full of love, no law against you.

The Church is a collection of systems which have properties similar spirit. So we can see the church as a more complex system is the system in the system. The church is a gym, personal training system (human) to love one another, learn to co-exist, learn to help each other so that when they get into the environment has been strong enough to face the challenges in the environment.

All of which are outside the system is the environment. As individuals, the family and the church is the nearest environment. The environment is where we begin to channel our spiritual nature. Without contact with the environment we can not show spiritual fruit.

But basically inconsistent human spirit against the flesh (sin) defeated soul and spirit, so do not be surprised if the apostle Paul tells us how to escape from this weak body (or spirit is good but the flesh is weak). Do not be surprised if there is a priest or minister who fell into sin, it’s all because of the flesh (the spirits of environmental / energy environment) beat the desire of soul and spirit. Understanding the human system GPIB Organizations can define the organization of the church as a pattern of basic assumptions (Assumptions basic) in the hammer pemasalahan faced both within the church and the neighborhood around. This must be taken seriously by the perpetrators orgnisasi GPIB.

If this assumption is to be of color and a culture that should be “patented” as a normative reference for GPIB organizations in resolving all the problems both inside and outside. This assumption will be absolute to apply.

Therefore, the improvement of leadership in the GPIB must be taken to improve the quality, because it is one of the most important pillars in an organization institution. GPIB leadership should have been very understanding of the rules and values ​​of leadership which is able to initiate the basic assumptions of behavior in which the church is the community to manage, show, organize or control, or through the prestige, power, or position. A good leader is someone who leads with the help of persuasive qualities, and voluntary acceptance by his followers. Among others, respect differences of opinion, egalitarian attitude, willing to accept feedback, and so forth.

Therefore, quality improvement must be taken to improve the quality of leadership and the people in it. GPIB organization should have passed the vision and mission governed both inside and outside.

In addition to the above factors, “feudalistic culture is still very strong. This is contrary to the spirit of egalitarian “. Many GPIB agenda discussed in each trial only discuss internal affairs only, less serious or may not want to burden banhkan may not be able to discuss the direction and the struggles of the church and society, how are we going to get serious in the manifest presence of GPIB society. Formulation of interest is not clearly visible as just a discourse.

According to Rev.. Jo Beatles; GPIB still think that only a theological standpoint only all problems could be solved. Since the theological point of view only, we only associate the theological trend with internal church.

according to the author, GPIB and probably not too busy interested in, or find a safe place so the church had “night blindness”, do not know where the changes occur in our nation. Churches should create anticipation, prediction, and good projection of what we will face. The church must move quickly to understand the changes that are going on, and make some formulas possible to be ready to change.

According to Arie Ihalauw; work in the church does not belong to one person, should be able to DISCUSS WITH …. because the richness of the Lord is the same, but we ABILITY different, so co-exist. Well, if we think so, then once again we need time to sit down together and discuss the master plan, including forming VISION MISSION, then FUNCTION SYSTEM was developed, in which the GPIB EVERYONE TAKE & ALLIES AND PARTICIPATE in it. POTENTIAL slightest, it is the work of God that should be considered FUTURE LEADERS, so it’s not spilling POTENCY, not stolen, not abused: it ON & DIAYOMI in Communion.

GPIB as the church of the living in the 21st century with all the modernization of current developments in the field of science and technology requires a structure and system that is more capable in addition of course God was involved in it.

And it’s time to think more seriously GPIB presence in outer lingkunkan is needed. If this is not done the same GPIB GIANT IN THE SHELL or just in the wise PALACE

Thus, we can build a sense of hope and optimism in the future that progress GPIB going hand in hand with increased knowledge and attitude of the entire community Indonesian nationality. GPIB learning should be tremendous. The issues of race, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA)

BY: Martha Belawati Tarihoran


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