The birth of the Great Shepherd (Sunday, December 2, 2012)

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Reading: Micah 5:1-8

3 And he shall act and shall feed them in power LORD in the splendor of the name of the LORD his God, and they shall remain, for now it be great to the ends of the earth


Micah prophesied that a leader will emerge from Bethlehem who will fulfill God’s promises to His people. This verse refers to Jesus the Messiah (cf. Matt 2:1,3-6). He will be born as a human being (cf. John 1:14; Fili 2:7-8).

Only Jesus the Messiah will bring peace to Israel. Even with the arrival of his first visit, he gives peace with God, forgiveness of sins, and the assurance of eternal life to those who repent and receive Him by faith (cf. Rom 5:1-11). Because they believe in the atoning death, those who truly believe will not face judgment (cf. John 14:27).

The Bible gives additional notes that this city is the smallest city in Judah (Micah 5:1). So, why Bethlehem, a small town was chosen by God, not Jerusalem, the great city of majestic? There are two answers that we can ask it here. First, there are commentators who claim that Jesus was born in Bethlehem is the fulfillment of the prophecy given by the prophet Micah. Here we have the privilege of the birth of Jesus. No one human being, other than the birth of Jesus has been told for centuries before.

There was a picture of peace on the earth, under the leadership of God (Micah 4:1-4); predictions about the great king who will arise from the offspring of David, and brought peace to the nation of Judah (5:2-4). A summary of all that is about to be said by the prophets of Israel, namely: “The Lord require of us is that we be fair, always loving, and willing to live humbly before our God.”

Micah prophetic voice expressing hatred and hypocrisy kourupsi by Jerusalem and its leaders. The prophet Micah saw social mistakes happen and felt sorry for the suffering of the people miserable. Micah condemns religious practices divorced from ethical behavior (3:9-10,6:3-5,6-8). Micah condemned the prophets give oracles (special instruction) for a fee (3:11), or modify your prophetic message in accordance with the generosity of its clients (3:5).

Micah seemed aware of the vocation. This is shown by the persistence to talk about the problems of his time within the framework of Israel’s covenant obligations. Behind the treaty, even though Israel failed to maintain that bond, there is a covenant God to lead his people to a glorious future.


A prophet chosen by God and does not speak on his own. He was encouraged by God to deliver the good news. The prophets remind the nation of Israel to keep the commandments of God, so that God’s chosen people to live in accordance with God’s will and a channel of blessing to other nations.

In Micah 5:1-8, here we see that the measure used by God as contrasted with the usual measures of human use. People are more looking at something big, tall, and more. Great nation is a great nation population, many tentaranyam etc.. However, the size of the other gods. The proof that Israel is a small and weak nation, precisely chosen by God to be his favorite people (UL 7:7, not because people were more in number than anywhere else, then the LORD captivated by you and chose you – you were the smallest of all peoples -)

History shows that great things just started from small things. The discovery of the steam engine by James Watt turned out to produce the Industrial Revolution in England. The theory of gravity came from Isaac Newton observations of the apple that fell onto the ground, it was so influential in the science of physics and the development of diverse technologies. Examples of this can still be extended, of course, but certainly the little things, the simple, ordinary underestimated, it could make an impact and a very big change for the world.

Here we see that the prophetic voice Micah actually want to release people from prison megalomaniaknya, that attitude just appreciate something big, tall, and more. And it’s where people are often fooled. Genesis 3:6 shows how vulnerable human beings, in this case Eve, who are only interested in what he saw. Therefore, as human beings we are led to back to the essentials, do not fall for their tricks enticing. But this passage reminds us to step away from the principle to have more (have more), but to be more (for the better). That way, our lives are filled with the sense circuit.

As Christians, we are given the gift to speak what is right and wrong. Being herald God’s truth takes courage and sincerity. In the presence of corrupt officials or leaders who do evil, prophetic voice that conveys the truth of God should continue to be submitted. Do not ever stop because of threats and persecution. This era needs people like Micah and as the apostles who were willing and courageous to continue to preach the gospel of God’s truth and despite facing threats from the authorities and from the community.

The Church should open our eyes, so long they waited for the presence of critical-prophetic voice of the Church in the wake of lies, deception, and manipulation cunning capitalists who colluded with the bureaucracy. Make the voice of the Church is the strength of the small against the power and strength of capitalism is hiding “sweet spot” behind the high-profile development oppressive.

Wall of silence the church should be torn down in order to see the helplessness groans of the oppressed. Small human voice is the voice of God. Prophetic voice of the Church is the inspiration and the power to raise the TRUTH, whatever the situation. Precisely prophetic voice is needed, is not limited to voice moans the edge but at the same time be constructive criticism for those who in the name of oppressive rule and fool people. That’s the moral ethical responsibilities required to renew the commitment of humanity when power and money is so simple mortgaging Christian morality and ethics.

Word to the wise

“Be the shoots according to His will and courage to speak the truth without respect of persons” – Martha Belawati


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